Molly Kerns

Thanks for the session! I was so blissed out after!!! Slept amazing and l can’t wait to test myself. I am excited about what you’re doing!!!!!! Feeling like I have a pep in my step!
— ~M

Sugar is what makes me not feel good. When I cut back I have zero headaches and heartburn/indigestion. After our session Monday, I had an amazing week and this weekend, I didn’t eat any Easter Candy!
— ~C
I haven’t been able to bend over without pain in six years, I just got off the table and I can move. I feel young. I didn’t know I was able to be out of this awful pain.
— ~t

The feedback was wonderful on our end too, and we’re so grateful that you are intersecting with this amazing company at the perfect time.
— C from Slave Play

What we offer.

Your mind and your body are not two components, but one massive entity working as one. Through relaxation we can access the parts of ourselves we wish to amplify, gain control of the aspects you love most, and develop agency.

Hands on or through hypnosis, bodies are constantly healing. I am here to support that innate purpose in a variety of ways.  You choose the service that appeals to you, and we go from there. 

The moment you own your body, mind and experience is the moment you become truly alive.