Rubbing + co.

Working with Molly Kerns? It is spectacular. Just try the breathing. You’ll see.
— W.K.

The key to making a shift is going where the program is installed, not where the screen is crashing. Your unconscious is available to you in our private, safe setting. As the hypnotist I will be suggesting a journey that you can take, deep into the place your program is installed.

Remember your power. Relive your joy. Unleash your desires and enjoy. It is all stored and waiting for you to connect to your resources. With all the time you need, to consider, arrange, and reboot.

I wake up and I am motivated. I have routines I look forward to. My blood sugar is down 40 points. I want more of whatever this is.
— J.H.

You know what you want. You have tried every single solution out there to move the needle on the dial. When does the stress stop? It can feel hopeless. It is not.

Are you kidding me? It has been amazing. This is the best month, I feel incredible.
— ~B.C.
It is like magic. I am not kidding. I used to sleep with a bag of Gummy Bears next to my head. It feels so good to go to Molly, I almost forgot I don’t eat the Gummies anymore.
— E.B.

What if you got to set down the struggle? Relaxing away the stress. Relaxing away the judgement. Taking a breath and allowing yourself the time and encouragement to become what you already know you are.

Molly is good. I didn’t think I could be hypnotized. People have tried before, but I was out before I knew it. I met my true self inside and now that is guiding me.
— J.H.

Hypnosis is not loss of control, it is gaining control of who you are, who you have always been. Upgrading the software, and giving yourself a reboot.

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