Hypnosis FAQ

Hypnosis Basics


What is hypnosis? One on one hypnosis is aimed at quieting the conscious mind, while the unconscious, through relaxation and engaging the imagination, becomes receptive to suggestion. The conscious mind and the unconscious mind are constantly up-taking information, your hypnosis session will allow you to use your imagination to motivate both for an improved outcome.

Will hypnosis fix me? Hypnosis will help you organize what is working and what is no longer needed. It is inside job, where you are given tools, time and safety to make the adjustments that have alluded you in the past.

Quack like a duck? No. Quacking is a lovely part of stage hypnosis, and not appropriate in one on one sessions. Unless you have long desired to impersonate Donald Duck, you will not be quacking during a session.

Will I lose control? No. You will gain control. You will be having a private experience of heightened awareness and focus. Imagine you are in a grocery store shopping for a specific recipe. You may talk to all sorts of people inside, but what your exit with will be the ingredients you need to create a new product. And just like visiting the store, you may remember who you spoke to, you may not. Deeper levels of hypnosis may be harder to remember after the session.

Will I sleep? No. Hypnosis is similar to REM stage sleep, the body is very still and quiet, but the brain activity is quite high. Sleep during a session is unlikely due to the nature of engagement of hypnosis.

Can anyone be hypnotized? Most people experience some kind of trance daily. Reading a book and watching TV are two very common hypnotic states. Anyone can choose not to be hypnotized and resist the treatment. However those who elect to receive treatment and are willing to make a change are able and perfect for trance work.

Are there any negative side effects? No. The only side effects are the lovely ones similar to a full night of sleep. Clients leave feeling positive and energized.