90 minute sessions
Investment varies with solution.

Hypnosis changes your inner priorities. You smoke, but don't want to smoke? Hypnosis moves the part of you that no longer smokes to the head of the line, puts a crown on and calls it king. It locks in your new life. Free of sugar, or anxiety, insomnia or cigarettes? Who would you be?


Infrared Sauna

45 mins

Williamstown only

Light sauna heats and heals. Infrared Saunas have waves of light that penetrate cells throughout the body to wake up and restore you. The Sauna heats up to 150 degrees providing a great sweat without the closed in feeling of a steam sauna. 




Cranio Sacral Therapy

60 mins

Cranio Sacral work at Rubbing is deeply focused listening. Listening to many many systems of the body until they are calmed and aligned. Trust your body has the way out of pain, love yourself by allowing to be heard through gentle cranial holds. 


Deep Tissue Massage

80 mins

There is deep, and there is rough.
A. Deep gets to that place, the place no one can quite get to, the place you secretly rub against a door jam. 
B. Deep doesn't hurt. It is so crazy satisfying you literally melt and want to sing songs from the 70's.
C. This Deep Tissue is 100% bananas and that is a guarantee. 

D. It is not rough.


Deep Tissue for Less

60 mins

Less time, still amazing. Read above.